Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Unique Password Creation In Dynamics GP Implementations

For the last several months, much of my time has been focused toward the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP10. Over the course of this project, the team I work with and I encountered many challenges, some of which I hope to turn into content on this blog. I am writing about this topic first primarily because Michael Johnson was talking to Mariano Gomez about a password creation macro I created. Mariano wanted to write a blog article about it and I realized this would be a good opportunity to inject some content into this blog by writing an article myself.

One my tasks with the implementation of GP10 was to reset all the users' passwords to keep them from connecting to the system while we upgraded it, then make this password known to the user to allow entry into the new system. To do this I needed 5 things.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

On Using Windows 7 in Conference Rooms

Here's a quick one: using Windows 7 for a presentation? Installing Windows 7 for someone with bad eyesight?
Make the screen actually readable by increasing the size of everything. I did this recently for a presentation about using Live Meeting, and I think it made a huge difference for the viewers, and for me as a presenter. Before Windows 7, I had to use the magnifier tool to magnify the screen; a clunky and awkward solution, but I have been using this new tool lately to great success...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Merging Categories in Outlook 2007 & 2010

Using Outlook Categories to tag emails and calendar items for things such as projects I'm working on, groups I am involved with, and script snippets I'm emailed is an extremely useful habit. It enables me to use Search Folders to their fullest, it helps me use regular search more effectively, and it makes my calendar go from a group of rectangles and text to a color-coded plan for the day. However, after over-enthusiastically using the Categories feature for some time now, I found I had begun creating, as Merlin Mann would say, "the most crazy, byzantine, taxonomically complete system that you can think of...'

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The First One

What is a life if it does not affect others? Close to two years ago, I took a journey and began examining my existence. As I passed through time, I came to many conclusions; one of these is that I am only as useful as the change I make -- what I leave behind.

My goal and my intention is that I can use this simple blog to house my little discoveries, the solutions to the issues I encounter, and to open a dialogue with others and hopefully affect their life for the better. This blog will be where I leave my persistent breadcrumbs.

As I have been experimenting with computers and technology since I was a child and trying to make a career using technology, this blog will most probably consist of mainly tech-related content; but I do not think I wish to limit it to that. I shall see.